Top 10 Norwegian Scholarships 2024

Norway is an excellent destination for international students seeking quality education in a vibrant and scenic environment. For those considering studying in Norway, scholarships can significantly ease the financial burden and open doors to valuable academic opportunities. Here’s a curated list of the top 10 Norwegian scholarships for 2024 that international students should explore:


Norwegian Government Scholarships

Norwegian government scholarships are offered to students from certain countries seeking Master’s and PhD programs in Norway. These scholarships cover living expenses and provide a monthly stipend. To apply, candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria, including academic merit and home country residency. The application process typically involves submitting detailed documentation and completing online forms. Deadlines vary by program, so early preparation is key.

Quota Scheme Scholarships

The Quota Scheme is designed to promote higher education to students from developing countries. This scholarship covers tuition fees, living costs, and travel expenses. Eligibility criteria include residency in selected countries and admission to eligible courses at participating Norwegian institutions. Applicants must apply directly to the universities offering the Quota Scheme programs.

BI Presidential Scholarships

BI Norwegian Business School offers Presidential Scholarships to exceptional international students. These scholarships cover full tuition fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. Applicants are assessed based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, and leadership potential. The application process involves submitting academic transcripts, a CV, and a personal statement. Deadline for applications is usually in early spring.


NORPART Scholarships

NORPART (Norwegian Partnership Programme for Global Academic Cooperation) offers scholarships for mobility between Norwegian higher education institutions and partner institutions worldwide. These scholarships fund study periods or internships abroad and are open to students at all academic levels. Application details and deadlines vary by institution and program.

University of Oslo Scholarships

The University of Oslo provides various scholarships to international students based on academic merit and financial need. These scholarships may cover tuition fees or living expenses. Eligibility criteria and application deadlines differ by scholarship program. Interested applicants should visit the university’s official website for detailed information.

Erasmus+ Scholarships

Erasmus+ offers funding opportunities for students wishing to study in Norway as part of an exchange program. This European Union initiative supports international mobility and collaboration among higher education institutions. Students can apply through their home institutions, which must have partnerships with Norwegian universities participating in the Erasmus+ program.

Fulbright Grants

Fulbright offers grants for American students, scholars, and professionals to study, teach, or conduct research in Norway. These grants cover various fields and academic levels. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and cultural adaptability. Detailed application guidelines are available on the Fulbright website.


Nordplus Scholarships

Nordplus supports student exchange and cooperation between Nordic and Baltic countries. Scholarships are available for undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD students across various disciplines. Eligibility criteria and application deadlines vary by institution and program. Prospective applicants should contact their home institutions for more information.

Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Scholarships

The Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation provides scholarships for international Master’s and PhD students at the University of Bergen. These scholarships focus on specific academic fields, including marine research, medical sciences, and public health. Eligible candidates are selected based on academic excellence and research potential.

Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) Scholarships

PRIO offers scholarships for Master’s students interested in peace and conflict studies. These scholarships support students pursuing research in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Applicants must demonstrate a strong academic background and research interests aligned with PRIO’s focus areas. The application process includes submitting a research proposal and academic transcripts.

Application Tips for Norwegian Scholarships

When applying for Norwegian scholarships, it’s essential to start early and research each scholarship’s specific requirements. Pay close attention to application deadlines and ensure all required documents are prepared and submitted accurately. Seek guidance from university advisors or scholarship coordinators if needed. Highlight your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and career aspirations in your application to stand out as a strong candidate.



Exploring scholarship opportunities in Norway can pave the way for an enriching academic experience abroad. Scholarships not only alleviate financial burdens but also foster cultural exchange and global collaboration. International students are encouraged to explore the diverse range of Norwegian scholarships and pursue their academic goals in this welcoming and innovative country.


  1. How can I find more scholarships in Norway?
    • Conduct thorough research on university websites, scholarship databases, and government portals. Reach out to university admission offices for specific scholarship information.
  2. What are the language requirements for Norwegian scholarships?
    • Language requirements vary by program and university. Some programs may require proficiency in Norwegian or English, depending on the course of study.
  3. Can I work while studying in Norway with a scholarship?
    • Many scholarships allow students to work part-time during their studies. However, specific restrictions and regulations apply, so it’s important to check the terms of your scholarship.
  4. Are scholarships in Norway competitive?
    • Yes, scholarships in Norway can be competitive due to the high demand from international students. Applicants should showcase their academic achievements and unique qualities in their applications.
  5. **When should I start applying

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